Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday 8/23/15


Wow, so it’s been a really amazing week for my book, with USA Today’s HEA blog featuring the excerpt and cover.

Here’s another small snippet from HOT SHADE, my upcoming book with Boroughs Publishing Group. This is part of the WeWriWa, a weekly blog hop. Check out the site for other great authors.

This ten-sentence selection from my book is part of the first chapter, when Luca and Skylar are getting acquainted following a plane crash. While having a glass of wine in the pool. As one does.

“Corruption and weird shit happens in Florida all the time. It’s what my editor and all the reporters at the paper say. Everyone tells me I’ll eventually witness it for myself or write about it if I stay in Florida long enough,” she said.

“Well, that’s something to look forward to.”

They both laughed. Luca was funny and handsome. She worried that her voice was too excited. Her laugh too eager. Her eyes too interested in what he had to say. Her weakness had always been men who told good stories and made her laugh.

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HOT SHADE Exclusive Cover Reveal! Happy Ever After-USA Today


Over the years, my journalism has been featured in USA Today. I actually worked there for a brief period many years ago as part of a Gannett program. That was back when I was at The Burlington Free Press. USA Today is where I met Joyce Lamb, who would later go on to curate the paper’s smart and wonderful Happy Ever After blog, focusing on all things romance.

Today, I’m on the paper’s website for a different reason: my book. I was thrilled when Joyce said she would run an exclusive cover reveal and excerpt of my debut novel, Hot Shade. It’s a huge honor to be in the ranks of the writers featured on HEA, and I’m eternally grateful to Joyce.

Check it out here.

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Weekend Writing Warriors – 8/16/15


So here’s another excerpt from my upcoming book with Boroughs Publishing Group. This snippet is part of the WeWriWa, a weekly blog hop. Check out the site for other great authors. For more about my book, and a sexy video trailer, see below. Pre-order links coming soon!

This ten-sentence selection from my book, Hot Shade, is part of the first chapter. It’s where the hero, Luca, meets the heroine, Skylar. She’s a rookie reporter covering a plane crash on a Florida beach, and trying to wring information out of him. Unsuccessfully.

Skylar grinned and rummaged through her straw tote bag then handed him a business card. Plucking it from her fingers, Luca studied every inch of her face. Even the freckles on her nose were adorably sexy.

He glanced down and read her card aloud. “Skylar Shaw. The Palmira Post.”

She took a pen and notebook out of her bag. The pen’s end was frayed with bite marks. Luca arched an eyebrow. He longed to flirt but knew he shouldn’t, for all sorts of reasons.

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday 8/9/15


Thank you for checking out this week’s snippet from my soon-to-be-released romantic suspense novel that’s in the capable editing hands of Boroughs Publishing Group. I’ll have info on the new title and a release date soon. Plus, a cover!

I’m putting up this short except as part of  www.wewriwa.com — Weekend Writing Warriors. Be sure to click on that site to see more work from other talented authors.

“Skylar, you have pen on your chin,” Luca said matter-of-factly, jarring her from the kissing fantasy.

“Where?” she asked, her hand flying to her face.

“On the left side of your mouth.”

Skylar rubbed with her fingers, trying to appear dainty but she was certain she looked stupid, or worse, coarse.

“Um, no, the other left,” he said, stepping forward and taking her chin in his hand. Luca’s thumb grazed her skin and set her cheeks ablaze.

Luca’s thumb shifted and brushed her bottom lip. One slow stroke to the right. Another to the left.



So I’m headed to my first Romance Writers of America conference. It’s in New York City. Four days of writing workshops, meeting new friends and getting to know the people at Boroughs Publishing. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to sneak over to the AP and say hi to everyone there, as well.

Good stuff.

I’ll be Tweeting throughout the week at https://twitter.com/tamaralush

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