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  1. Just wanted to say Thank You for your amazing articles, especially your Sept. 11 coverage.
    I recently came across your report on Warren and Maureen Nyerges and their battle with Bank of America. All I can do is shake my head at what BofA, as well as other banks, small and large, are doing.
    As well as being a General Contractor, my Wife and I manage properties here in Washington State. I am baffled at some of the horror stories we hear from current and former home owners and their fights with their lending institutions.
    Several of our residents, as well as applicants, feel they have been wrongfully foreclosed on, and one gentleman in particular is currently in a similar situation as the Nyerges. I will definitely send the article along to him. If for nothing else, comfort in knowing that there is a light at the end of his tunnel.
    Wishing You, your Husband and your Kittens the best there in Florida,
    Kris and Necole Moore
    Centralia, WA

  2. Thank you, Kris and Necole! It is probably the strangest foreclosure story I’ve ever written. I live in Florida and seeing how foreclosures have affected my state is really heartbreaking.

      • I noticed you deleted the questions regarding NIST’s denial of molten metal.

        It must be awfully convenient to delete any facts that don’t fit in your crony journalism.

    • Hello Tamara,

      No one so far has had the guts to really do investigative research to tell the real story behind all of these, and I mean every single one of these mass shooting have been caused by the very medications that they are being described to prevent such acts of homicide and suicide. It is a known fact that the side effects of these medications cause this type of behavior. This is a bigger story than Watergate. You would be going up against Big Pharm. Someone someday has to tell this story. Maybe it is you.

  3. Tamara – your article on Sikh’s being targeted was interesting. You need to go further in this investigation. It goes beyond Sikhs:

    1) Ever wonder how society has changed its view of Asians from India…. how light / medium brown skin tones, groomed facial hair, catches the eye of many Whites/Blacks as they are automatically labelled Muslim?
    2) Ever thought of how the work environments can be intimidating when the typical white or black members of staff comment on Islam and then apologize…. thinking one is a Muslim and from the middle east – yet they are NOT!
    3) Ever wonder how many qualified Indians are out of work……. is there a underground effort on-going not hiring Asians based on what they look like at the interview regardless of their capability.
    4) Ever wonder how miss-guided and uneducated the typical Americans are (most of them) unable to distinguish ethnicity in our wonderful free American society?
    5) Ever wonder how young kids at school from Elementary to University level face hate crimes or comments from other students – who pick it up from there friends – so called friends. What do school do about? Very little! How do you educate that child to be peaceful when there is allot hatred.

    Before 9/11 I never faced and situation of being treated as a second class citizen or being watched or questioned extra at airports or boarder crossings. Even white folk I knew and still know tread carefully with me, some even have a dropped communication or distance them selves knowing that I am not a Muslim yet choose to have a different approach now. Bottom line, if your brown, sport facial hair, follow a different religion your targeted in the many facets for Criminal thinking from down right rudeness to murder itself – as per your article.


    Average Indian – brown skinned, facial hair, dark circles around eyes – A Hindu, and Proud American Citizen!

    • Hello, and thank you for your thoughtful post. I think it is an issue worth exploring in the coming months, how Americans view Asians from India.
      This story does go beyond Sikhs. You are right in that many Americans aren’t always able to distinguish ethnicity. I discovered my own ignorance when I lived in Miami and learned about all of the different Latino/Hispanic cultures that I wasn’t aware of when I lived, say, in New England.
      As Americans, we do need to learn more about the cultures and people that live in our country!

  4. Wow. What a hit piece published at the Huff today.

    I’m curious. What does your journalist instinct tells you regarding the molten metal found at ground zero after the attacks, which has always been denied by Saunders and NIST?

    Is it OK to not investigate it and hide behind a “molten-metal-deniers” mask or can we move on with the old name-calling technique and start looking at facts and evidence?

  5. Dear Tamara, the population of the western world (US,Europe, Canada & Australia) is a minority with a very lopsided and selfcentered view of world events. The majority of the world population KNOWS the 911 attacks were a so called ‘inside-job’ and do not approve of all the military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, just to name a few. It would be so much more courageous for a journalist who claims to cover the 911 anniversary to shine a light on the overwhelming evidence that the official story is a cover up and stay away from all the cliché psychologising that the actual perpetrators are very happy with to keep their indentity well hidden. What IF it was not Osama & co? Who was behind it, why and where are they now? Please do not distract us with stories about how so called ‘truthers’ or ‘conspiracy-theorists’ may be divided, maybe better to concentrate on a subject like ‘cognitive dissociation’ if you like psychology. The Twin Towers exploded in a massive violent and still unexplained way, anybody can see that. ‘The World’ knows it. The USA is only a 5% minority.

  6. I was hoping you could help my family just a bit with the 9/11 stuff. Most of my family (all but 1) believe that 9/11 happened just the way we watched it happen. We discount most conspiracy folks as ignorant of facts and science, while also using “known” science to try and explain that something couldn’t have happened. The problem being that “known science” will not always explain an unknown condition or situation. Never before had anyone ever flown a commercial jet full of jet fuel, into a skyscraper. It had not been done and there was no experimentation on “gee what will happen if someone does this” – the question or premise had never arisen before. The speed of the airliner, the exact angle of entry into the building, the thrust position of the engine controls, the contents of the affected part of the buildings – so many variables, that no one person can take into account and say that it was a conspiracy based on what they claim to know from a scientific standpoint. Basic science applied says that for a scientific fact to be a fact, it must be reproducible – thank goodness that hasn’t been done. I have a family member who insists on supporting all of the conspiracy claims but really rests most of her opinions on the picture of the broken and burned area of the pentagon was way too small for it to have been made by an airplane. Had to be a missile because the area of penetration is much narrower than the width of the airliner. I just figured the wings came off before that part impacted the Pentagon. What has your investigation into the whole conspiracy angle revealed about the official explanation for the small photographed burned section. Anything would help to save the peace in our family. Thanks.
    PS – glad you liked Dallas, I grew up there.

  7. Hi Tamara,

    My wife and I happen to catch your AP Fluoride article in the Daytona News Journal and I wanted to make one comment that certainly involves the accuracy in the facts. Yes fluoride is naturally occurring in nature that is calcium fluoride. What the water districts are using to adjust the levels however is the furthest thing from natural. Water districts us fluorosilicic acid which is industrial waste from the fertilizer and pesticide industry and that is a fact. The industry calls it a liquor by product but how it came about was sometime back the EPA order “scrubbers” to be put on the smoke stacks because the companies were allowing it to just go out into the air and it was causing serious harm to the environment, animals and people. So the EPA ordered the scrubbers on to catch the pollutant and now we by it from them and trickle it into our water supply. I am currently challenging Deland’s policy under this exact argument. There has never been a peer reviewed double blind study done on the effects of fluorosilicic acid.


  8. You did a story about Dennis Schrader and his baseball collection he was wrong about shoeless joe jackson he could not have signed that baseball joe jackson could not read or write if you have contact with Dennis Schrader you might want to tell him to check it out.

  9. You wrote an article about me in 2004. My name is: Mitchell Jackson Seale III ( Jackie). Your source was Chuck Steele from Pensacola Beach, Fl. / I’ve read the article ( Operation Sandshaker) since I’ve been released from Federal Prison and thought you might like to know that the story was filled with a lot of false information. No big deal to me, but I’m not a reporter who should base their stories on the truth.

    • Hi Mr. Seale-
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to approve and reply to you. I have been neglecting this blog. I’ll email you — I am now working for The Associated Press.
      Take care,

  10. You need to be a little more up to date on carry conceal laws in North Carolina. It’s illegal to carry concealed In areas of assemblies, parades, funerals or demonstrations. People who have taken the class and obtained permits “legally” know this…’s the ones that are breaking the law and carring concealed illegally that your going to have to worry about, they’d be doing this even if there wasn’t a carry conceal law in NC.

  11. Hi Tamara, liked your articles on the fox site regarding ’50 Shades of Grey’ not being placed in some libraries. I just wanted to say, I read the book due to all the media hype and it was horrible. The librarians (and i’m not one, only a reader who enjoys reading GOOD books, even one’s with sexual content) are right. It’s very poorly written, aside from the topic of BDSM it was dreadfully unbelievable & there was nothing shocking or appealing about the characters. The ‘so-called suburban housewives’ who LOVED it must not engage in any sex or read many novels. I am totally disappointed at the media for duping me into believing it was a must read without telling me why. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to actually plug a WONDERFULLY written book I completed and found EXCEPTIONALLY good for an independent author and poignant. The book is entitled, THE SISTERS OF CAIN & ABEL, by S.W. Frank. yes, it has a believable plot, relatable characters and several scenes -but there is no sex on every other page or every chapter and when there is a sex scene it’s not abusive, but loving and as passionate as the characters breathing through each page. I truly hope you contrast and compare. I’m sure you will agree which is of higher caliber and perhaps others will discover there is talent among Indie author’s right here in the USA and we do not need to import talent less ones from abroad.

    • Hi Stacy,
      Thank you for writing and reading my story. I, too, read ‘Fifty Shades’ because of the hype. Like you, I was turned off by the writing — not the sex! I will chef out the book you recommended. Do you know if I can download it on my Nook?
      Take care,

  12. Tamara, my name is James Lush and I am from CT. Just wondered if Lush is your married or maiden name and where your Lush family is from? I live in Central FL now at The Villages but my entire family goes back three generations in CT.

    • Hi James- Thank you for writing. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Lush is my maiden name. My father was born in Canada and his father (Frank Lush) was born in England. I don’t know much beyond that about the Lush family tree!!

  13. Saw your article on the republican strip joint convention, Was wondering when you were doing an like article about the democrat convention and strip joints doing business at their convention, or are you one of the liberal press just out to make the republicans look bad.

    • Hello. I have not checked my blog lately — my fault — but I can tell you one thing: I did not cover the DNC. I am based in the Tampa Bay area and only covered the RNC. So I did not write about strip clubs in that area. As far as me being a member of the “liberal media,” you will be interested to know that I have written for the Manchester (NH) Union-Leader and Newsmax magazine. Also you are free to look up my voter registration anytime. It’s public in Florida.

  14. I would like to say you are a very talented journalist. I read your article on the Florida boy that beat his 2 year old brother to death. The article was clearly written by a true journalist.

  15. Would like to contact you and discuss critical omissions from your piece on dogs vacationing in Florida. Unfortunate you did not contact or consult any on the hundreds of conservationists in Florida striving to address conflicts between dogs and coastal natural resources. Such cautions and issues could easily have been incorporated into your story.
    Please respond.

    • Hi Patrick-
      Thank you for writing. I’m sorry I didn’t check this earlier. I think that is a very valid story but a different one than the vacation piece. I would be interested in speaking with you on the phone — please email me at Take care, Tamara

  16. Ma’am,
    Don’t know if it matters now but I was a very good friend of Jimmy Dykes while he was here in Panama City, FL. He and I shot pool together for years.

    Brock Poe

  17. Tamara – Thank you for your recent reply to my question about your family name. As a former business person who used to travel a great deal, I always looked up the name Lush in phone books wherever I went as it is
    not a very common name. As far as I know, my family goes back three generations in the USA and my great-great grandfather was from Ireland, I think. I have 4 sons one of whom is named Terry and his email address is very similar to yours. Small world after all. BTW, none of us seems to be related. Best, James Lush

  18. Tamara,

    On you reported and I quote, “…Phil Robertson, who ignited a controversy last week when he told a magazine reporter that gays are sinners and African-Americans were happy under Jim Crow laws – were in a front pew this past Sunday. And standing by beliefs they say are deeply rooted in their reading of the Bible.”

    Throughout history there examples of people, even societies, that were able to find happiness notwithstanding being subjected to imprisonment and cruel indifference exhibited toward them by their captors. The Jewish holocaust provides us with many examples of individuals who rose above their circumstances to exhibit god like charity, love and even happiness. My understanding of Phil Robertson’s comments regarding American-American’s was that he recognized them as a happy people, not because of Jim Crow laws, but inspite of such laws.

    Is it possible that you have taken out of context what Phil Robertson said? Is it possible that you have inadvertently perpetuated a contextual misrepresentation reported by other news organizations? Would you please provide me and your other readers the original source that quoted Phil Robertson as saying “African-Americans were happy under Jim Crow laws” as well as the full context of the original conversation?

    Thank you very much.

  19. Tamara, please take this opportunity to get behind the silent majority and support Phil Robertson and his voice against the sins we seem to be letting the organized minorities in this country push, and the media sensationalizing them. The morales of this country are being stomped on every day as we stand by and let the media and organized minorities push there perverted views. At least give as much media attention to morales as you and your colleagues give to the minorities. Morale discussions should also be news worthy.

  20. I just read your article “In ‘Duck Dynasty’ hometown local loyalty prevails”. It seems you and the rest of the media haven’t actually read or don’t understand what Phil Robertson said. A quote from the article says, “Folks here don’t care that Phil Robertson told a GQ reporter that gays are sinners who are going to hell.” He never said that, He said, We never, ever judge someone,” said Phil in the same interview, “who’s going to Heaven, Hell — that’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus-whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later…” He professed what it says in the Bible. Christians do not judge others, Believe it or not if you read the Bible it says that Gays are sinners, but guess what it also says everyone else is a sinner too.

  21. Your story “Dad was texting daughter’s daycare when he was gunned down in Fla. movie theater” is a disgrace. Perhaps you should pick your word usage a little bit better next time.

  22. Tamara – Saw your article about the cop killing the guy at the theater – and while that’s sad – here’s a thought for you – do all theaters have cameras watching people? We’re always talking about the NSA spying on us – but I don’t recall ever seeing a notice in a theater telling one that they are being video taped – I wonder how many people know that and sure hope some hanky panky isn’t going down – or someone’s not picking their nose. (grin) bob

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