“You search like it’s your mom out there.”

8428792_GNo sooner did I return from RWA in New York when I had to get back in a plane.

I went up in a C-130 with a Clearwater, Florida-based Coast Guard crew this week. We spent 10 hours flying the Atlantic coast, looking for two missing teen boaters.

Here’s my story.

Once the plane cleared the state’s other coast and was over the Atlantic, it dropped to 500 feet above the murky ocean. The crew eased open the back cargo ramp and two men flopped on their bellies so they could search the sea below.

It wasn’t an easy task. Around noon, the water was the same gray-blue as the sky; the horizon invisible, hazy. Spotting something in the water involves a little luck and a lot of training and experience.

And passion.

“You search like it’s your mom out there,” Petty Officer Garrett Peck said.

And my video: