Sometimes my job is SO MUCH FUN.

I love writing about people who are obsessed with things, especially odd and different things.

Recently I visited StreamerHouse, where a bunch of guys live and play video games 24/7. For money.

They broadcast via, an online network that attracts tens of millions of visitors, most of whom watch footage of other people playing video games.

StreamerHouse is set in a 1920s-era Mediterranean-revival home graced with 20 cameras, at least 15 computer screens and two bulldogs (Mister Pig and Baby Pig). It’s part reality TV, part talk radio and part performance art. The trio play games, chat with fans and narrate their daily lives into an expensive microphone setup.

They make money from a cut of Twitch advertising, subscriptions, video game sales and from fan donations.

In October, one admirer from the Middle East gave StreamerHouse $6,000.

The Real Deal and Inigo of StreamerHouse

The Real Deal and Inigo of StreamerHouse