IMG_8865I recently wrote a story on an interesting trend in books, movies and art: Cli-Fi.

“Cli-fi” movies have emerged as a niche genre, taking the pomp of doomsday science-fiction flicks and mixing it with the underlying message of environmental awareness. The latest example being released Friday, “Interstellar,” is a $165 million space-time saga about a last-ditch effort to find humans a new home in another galaxy. The film takes place in the near future after Earth has been ravaged by a blight that’s left many food sources extinct.

Normally I don’t write about film because the AP’s very talented movie reviewers and entertainment writers have that covered. But the Blue Ocean Film Fest – a documentary film festival focused on the sea – was in my hometown of St. Petersburg and I thought it would make an interesting trend piece. My husband and I saw James Cameron’s “Deepsea Challenge 3D,” about the filmmaker’s quest to dive seven miles beneath the ocean’s surface into the Mariana Trench. Great movie.

There was also a giant, inflatable whale near my house.