Fans and Ebola

Florida FanGate.


My favorite quote from the FanGate story that I did with AP political writer Brendan Farrington:

It was a balmy 81 degrees Thursday in Crist’s hometown of St. Petersburg, where the former Republican has long been on record against sweating.

I also wrote about Ebola last week.

Step inside All Children’s Hospital and you’re greeted with three things: hand sanitizer, tissues and masks decorated with little cartoon Band-Aids with legs, feet and smiles. “Dirt Squirt Alert!” a sign says. “Stop the spread of germs that make you and others sick!”

A sign at the check-in counter calls on people to immediately tell the triage nurse if anyone in the family has a cough, fever and/or runny nose and has been to the Middle East, part of a check for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Now they ask another question to anyone with flu-like symptoms: Have you been to a country with an Ebola outbreak?