A day in Fort Myers

A woman raises her hands in agreement to something a speaker is saying about standardized testing.

Lee County School Board meeting

Took a little early morning drive down to Fort Myers today for a school board meeting, where officials talked about standardized testing. Not my usual sort of assignment. The heated discussion during the meeting made me remember the early days of my career, when I covered school board issues for the Manchester (NH) Union-Leader.

Today’s Story:

On Tuesday, the Lee County school board voted 3-2 in favor of resuming testing before a packed room of more than 200 people. Board member Mary Fisher, who cast the deciding vote, said she changed her mind because she felt the district needed a more focused plan.

Many in the audience made a thumbs-down motion and one man extended his middle finger toward the board as Fisher announced her vote.


Children against standardized testing.

Children against standardized testing.