RIP Mindy McCready

A little more than a year ago I spoke with Mindy McCready about her life. Then seven months pregnant, she was locked in a custody battle with her own mother over her son and was on the run from authorities who wanted to return the child to Florida.

In researching that story, all I could think about was how complicated McCready’s life had become. Fame had not brought her happiness or peace. Her life seemed so sad.

I thought about that again last night, when I received a message that McCready had killed herself. Years of bad choices, addiction and mental illness had finally pushed her over the edge, and all of the talent and beauty is now gone. My heart breaks for her and her children.

Speaking to The Associated Press in 2010, McCready smiled wryly while talking about the string of issues she’d dealt with over the last half-decade.

“It is a giant whirlwind of chaos all the time,” she said of her life. “I call my life a beautiful mess and organized chaos. It’s just always been like that. My entire life things have been attracted to me and vice versa that turn into chaotic nightmares or I create the chaos myself. I think that’s really the life of a celebrity, of a big, huge, giant personality.”

I think that one of the reasons why this story has struck a chord with so many people is that McCready seemed so down-to-earth despite having immense talent. We were hoping that she would push past her problems, and if not reclaim her stardom, then find peace.