Sept. 11 Heroes

COLUMBUS, Ga.—When volunteer John House shows people around the National Infantry Museum, he pauses next to an exhibit in the Vietnam-era section and points to one of the lifelike mannequins posed in a combat stance.
A hero fought in this battle, House tells the visitors. His name was Rick Rescorla, an Army platoon leader who saved many of his men in Vietnam.
A bronze statue of Rescorla looms just outside the National Infantry Museum. The bronze monument depicts Rescorla fighting in Vietnam—but the pedestal describes Rescorla’s final battle on Sept. 11, 2001.
As the head of security for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Rescorla evacuated 2,700 of his company’s employees from the World Trade Center. After everyone in his company got out safely, he rushed back inside to help more people. He died when the south tower collapsed.
“He was a patriot,” House tells people, “a hero, until the end.”

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