Video games and addiction

Earlier this year, I met and interviewed a very interesting guy. His name is Ryan Van Cleave and he lives here in Florida. He’s written a memoir about playing video games, and how he became addicted to playing these games, specifically World of Warcraft.

“Playing World of Warcraft makes me feel godlike,” Van Cleave wrote in his book, titled “Unplugged.” “I have ultimate control and can do what I want with few real repercussions. The real world makes me feel impotent … a computer malfunction, a sobbing child, a suddenly dead [mobile] phone battery — the littlest hitch in daily living feels profoundly disempowering.”

Here’s the story I wrote about Ryan. Some experts don’t believe that people can be addicted to video games, while people like Ryan and others say they can be addictive, much like gambling.

I’ve never really played video games — I did for a few hours for this story — but I sometimes wonder whether I spend too much time on the internet. When does something become an addiction?