The truth is out there – or is it?

This is one of my favorite stories since starting the Sept. 11 anniversary assignment. It’s about people who don’t believe the government’s story of how 9/11 happened. The guys in the North Texans for 9/11 Truth group were especially helpful to me.

One of the things that has surprised me while doing this assigment over the past three months is that so many people feel the government isn’t telling the whole truth about 9/11. Most of the people who feel this way are just regular folks, people I meet while traveling. They’re not members of any group or activists of any sort.

Story here.

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  1. my comment about your cliche and unoriginal story on yahoo:

    Tamara Lush is one of the worst writers Ive ever encountered. She even uses the same tired-“conspiracy theories are more comforting…” BS line. Lazy and pathetic excuse for “jouirnalism”. Oh, and dont forget to tie 9/11 truth to Rosie O’Donnell instead of say, one of the thousands of archtiects and engineers or maybe Paul Craig Roberts of the Reagan administration. Tamara Lush=failure.

      • Thanks for never writing about 9/11 again unless and until you find the ability to finally think critically. I’m sure your colleagues in the media world thought your piece was great though. And I’m sure the AP pays you well. Who needs to do real journalism when you’ve got that right Tamara? It pays well to be a hack who spouts “conventional wisdom” bs. This article will help you in that regard.

  2. Wow. What a hit piece published at the Huff today.

    I’m curious. What does your journalist instinct tells you regarding the molten metal found at ground zero after the attacks, which has always been denied by Saunders and NIST?

    Is it OK to not investigate it and hide behind a “molten-metal-deniers” mask or can we move on with the old name-calling technique and start looking at facts and evidence?

  3. I noticed you deleted the questions regarding NIST’s denial of molten metal.

    It must be awfully convenient to delete any facts that don’t fit in your crony journalism.

  4. You’re a moron Tamara. You suck at your job. I could have written your whole lazy,predictable,tired piece on “conspiracy theories” in 2 minutes with no effort. One talking point after another, it was a real pile of crap as far as articles go.

  5. Mrs. Lush, Respectively I suggest you contact Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 truth, there you may be made the wiser than the Dallas 911 group!

  6. tamara i found your article fair and well done and appreciate that there are members of the media willing to report on the 9/11 truth movement without trying to immediately discredit. However in the interest of journalism i think you and your editors should consider investigating and reporting on what the 9/11 truth movement is trying to bring to light. Wtc7, eyewitness accounts of 9/11 (willie rodriguez would be great), all of the evidence that has been hidden – evidence quickly removed from ground zero, surveillance video from pentagon that fbi wont release, bbc reporting wtc 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did. I could go on and on. Please investigate and report. Thank you.

    • You call this fair, huh? Fair would have been to go to real people whom know what they are talking about, whom can give real facts that are undeniable, and that can totally debunk the official conspiracy theory, that of which our government and their puppets from NIST provides!

  7. The evidence for explosives in all three WTC buildings is now over whelming. Denying there use is tantamount to stupidity or fear.

    Symmetrical, free-fall collapse, as seen in WTC 7 is impossble, physically, and according to the laws of motion, without the use of explosive. Add to this the numerous lies and distortions of NIST’S report. . . come now.

  8. Hello Tamara,

    First off I would just like to Thank You for keeping the 9/11 Truth movement going with keeping people informed. It was stories like yours that got my attention some years back and looked at the facts and did some fact checking myself and to my surprise nothing about the Govs story added up. I still learn news things day by day.
    One fact I still ponder is whether Bush, was involved at the beginning or not.

  9. Wow, I must agree with Chris, Tamara, just as NIST, you did a very lazy, lame job of investigation here. I’ve been looking at 9/11 for about nine years now and I am absolutely convinced that we were lied to by our government and that it was, in fact, an inside job! Why don’t you try some real investigative journalism and talk to Kevin Ryan, David Ray Griffin, Stephen Jones, Richard Gage, and his team of over 1500 architects & engineers? It only takes grade school physics to realize there is no way those 3 steel structured towers came down at or very near free fall speeds by those planes! For anyone whom thinks the 9/11 truth seekers are nut cases, I’ll sum it up with the words of Albert Einstein.. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance!

  10. Tamara,
    You piece falls into the mainstream of articles that wants to believe the official account of how things happened. As an American, so did I. … until I listened long enough to look a little deeper.
    The facts in the public domain, using broadcast footage of that day and samples of ash blown everywhere – these contain enough evidence to deny the government story. Then dig deeper and you’ll begin to find more evidence along with hundreds of scientists, pilots, firefighters, and similar experts who’ve also looked and disagree with the accounts.
    Who caused the attack – that is the reason a new investigation is needed. That the official story is itself a cover-up, a conspiracy – there is proof abundant to anyone willing to look.

  11. Lame piece Ms. Lush. Even the title has been used over and over. It wasn’t well written either. Are you in middle school?

  12. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this article sucked. Oh well, Tamara is another day. Better luck next time. ( Tip: do some research or interviews)

  13. “Conspiracies can be a “security blanket” for explaining away the horrific, asserts Patrick Leman, a University of London professor who researches 9/11 theories. “It stops us from having to confront the unpredictability of life.” This professor forgets that it is so much more horrific to realise this 911 event was not done by muslims with airplanes. Because it means it was done by another group, well that’s real scary, really horrific! If the third reich had won the second world war the deathcamps and the holocaust would have been ‘a conspiracy theory’ by now. Stick to the evidence instead of psychologising everybody who does not trust the official story. It is a fantasy.

  14. OK, so here’s the deal, folks. I don’t mind if you criticize my articles. I don’t mind if you disagree with my writing. In fact, I encourage it.

    But I won’t post comments that attack me for being a “kook,” a “bitch” or otherwise. I didn’t call anyone any names in my article — I was was respectful and fair to everyone. So I expect everyone to be fair and respectful to me.

    Fair? Or not? I understand that some of you don’t like the article. I’m ok with that. If you are respectful in your comments, I’ll post your views, links, etc., — pro or con.

    Just be nice about it, ok? We won’t get anywhere in this country by being mean.

    • I agree, we have to do our best to ignore hate speech. It is born out of fear. It comes from people unable to express themselves without lashing out at others. We have had enough of the divisiveness, in-fighting and name calling by democrats vs. republicans, liberal vs. conservative, blue states vs. red states, cnn, fox news, etc etc etc. Tamara I am imploring you to use your position to the greatest benefit. There is too much distraction and disinformation in our society. We need journalists brave enough to shine a light on the truth when it is hidden in darkness by those conspiring to keep it hidden. You can be that light if you choose. There is too much that does not add up about 9/11. Please please please investigate 9/11 and share what you find with your readers. No more propaganda, no more lies – America needs an extreme dose of truth and we need it quickly.

    • You can tackle this rather controversial topic in one of three ways; I choose the open minded approach, while others arrive with their minds already made. If you want to believe that your government, your ‘mom and dad’, would never carry out such a heinous act upon its people, its ‘children’, then you will look for ‘evidence’ to support that ‘truth’. History is littered with example of heinous acts perpetrated by governments against their people the world over and yours is no exception. (Look up ‘false flag operation’ on any search engine.) In my experience, those who have chosen to look at the overwhelming body of evidence, not theory, evidence, have come to the cold hard realization that something is very wrong with the official story. The rather childish tactic of labelling this as another conspiracy theory and confining it to the ‘kooks’ dustbin lends you argument little credence. If you cannot ask yourself the question ‘what if?’ then you shouldn’t put pen to paper.

    • Lying about 9/11 and treating the obvious anomalies surrounding it like common “conspiracy theories” like a typical MSM lemming is the definition of disrespectful and unfair. You don’t have to cuss at someone to be disrespectful and unfair, your article proves that.

    • Ask Tamara where hers is. Instead of taking seriously the issue of the 9/11 lies she makes cutesy hit pieces that only obfuscate the issue. People died on 9/11 and continue to die because of it and the best she can do is this ridiculous article? Ask her where her humanity is.

  15. I, along with others, was interviewed by Tamara.
    I was there with her while she took copious notes and listened for 2 hours.
    I am a 9/11 Truther.
    I want other people to know that Tamara did a great job of getting 9/11 facts and information. She probably knows more about 9/11 than many people in the Truth community.
    For gosh sakes! This is a one page article. She can not fit in every detail.
    I thought it was balanced reporting for the space, and also appropriate for her mode of assignments for a national story.

    …Also, rudeness is not part of the conduct of real 9/11 Truth Advocates. In fact, we in the 9/11 Truth Community suspect infiltrators when a person behaves badly.

      • Chris,

        Take a breath. It has been 10 years. Tamara is touring the country and has now opponed her mind and writing to the movement i assume you consider youself a part of (as I am, I run Nor Cal Truth and Truth Be Told comics).

        The more you harp on her the less likely it is she will give you/us better treatment next time.

        There is a lot to learn. Help her, don’t verbally lambast her and make the movement look childish. This thread could e a lot more constructive, not only for Tamara, but for all the readers.


        Maybe next time reach out to Kevin Ryan. I could easily get you 2 in touch.

        Thanks for the efforts!

        Brian Romanoff

  16. This is no journalism at all. Just someone trying hard to believe some weird story about 9/11 (aka “the official story”). By now, everyone that decides to take a decent look at what really happened, knows that the US Government lied. That’s as simple as it gets. But we also know that sometimes the truth is not enough for people to believe in something. Psychology has taught us that. People that fall into this category know that in order to believe in the truth, their world would have to collapse (for them, the Government is not capable of lying…). And they don’t want that. You, Tamara Lush, are one of those people and that’s why you will never be a good journalist (you don’t conceive anything to be out of your line of thinking).

  17. Dear Americans,
    Cliche (or properly cliché) is a noun. The adjective is clichéd (or even cliché’d).
    Please pardon the pedantry but I’m very lonely in my bunker

  18. Dear Tamara,
    Thank you for being open to criticism. I too would like to press you on the matter of 911, as I have read that in particular NIST has ignored the evidence of molten metal. The day of 911 I watched in complete astonishment and disbelief as the events unfolded and I accepted the premise that terrorists were to blame. Then the towers FELL. Something inside gripped me with a revulsion that this was not what is appeared to be. My instincts and rationale kept telling me something was so wrong and I remember telling my Father that I thought there was more to the collapse than was immediately evident. I am convinced that members of the American administration knew full well what was about to transpire, this was more than two planes being flown into the World Trade Centre buildings. I have always kept abreast of 911 news and fully support “World for 911 Truth”. I have as much photographic documentation and video that I can get my hands on and is is clear to me that “molten”metal can be seen in the pile after the event. Reports from the crews on site, for weeks afterwards, confirm the molten pile underneath the rubble. Aerial thermal reconnaissance confirms the molten pile hot spots.
    I sincerely hope that one day we may get a semblance of the truth, and I emplore you give credance to the Architects and Engineers campaigning for a new scientific investigation.

    I would also like to add this. On you web site you said that it’s interesting to discover how people are still grieving over what happened that day. It shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone that the world changed that day and a new level of human control was implemented.

    Best reards from the UK.

  19. Dear Tamara, the population of the western world (US,Europe, Canada & Australia) is a minority with a very lopsided and selfcentered view of world events. The majority of the world population KNOWS the 911 attacks were a so called ‘inside-job’ and do not approve of all the military in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, just to name a few. It would be so much more courageous for a journalist who claims to cover the 911 anniversary to shine a light on the overwhelming evidence that the official story is a cover up and stay away from all the cliché psychologising that the actual perpetrators are very happy with to keep their indentity well hidden. What IF it was not Osama & co? Who was behind it, why and where are they now? Please do not distract us with stories about how so called ‘truthers’ or ‘conspiracy-theorists’ may be divided, maybe better to concentrate on a subject like ‘cognitive dissociation’ if you like psychology. The Twin Towers exploded in a massive violent and still unexplained way, anybody can see that. ‘The World’ knows it. The USA is only a 5% minority.

  20. Just wondering, but why is Jonathan Kay the go to guy for this subject? You have to know how much of a neocon he is(if you did any kind of research on him before contacting him), and how clearly biased he would be, yet you went to him for your story anyway. That shows a clear agenda on your part Tamara. Same with mentioning O’Donnell and Gravel(a great guy but lets be honest-hes easily dismissed) instead of say, some of these people:

    You can say how “fair” you thought you were but tactics like this belie that claim. Jonathan Kay? Really?

    • If you don’t allow my comment at least read the links yourself. You are in severe need of an education on the subject you chose to write about(in a juvenile way)-9/11.

      • Chris,

        YOU are in severe need of a Valium! You attacking this woman is making you look like an absolute lunatic! A little more education on you’re part and you’ll learn how to express yourself without being so vicious!

  21. Anyone can see that your article is biased and unfair,Tamara, but you still have a chance at redemption here. As we push for an new, fair, unbiased, peer reviewed, public investigation into 9/11, why don’t you give this another shot and go talk to real experts (Gage, Griffin, Ryan, Jones) on the subject and then publish it? I promise, regardless if you want to or not, you and your readers will believe it!

  22. I was one of the folks interviewed. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I follow the lead of most top 9/11 researchers, as they are very reticent about offering theories, despite the natural tendency of the human mind to speculate. If you accept the basic official premise and conspiracy theory (box-cutter Arabs, etc) then you are of course free to speculate. In fact you are encouraged to do so. You are not a conspiracy theorist, but a level headed citizen. But it is imperative that you remain extremely ignorant of all the research and whistleblowing that is there for everyone to access.

    The cover up and lies are not a theory. The government’s involvement in this is well documented. When questioned on their own contradictions, they invoke secrecy based on national security concerns. This is what 9/11 Truth is about, and we don’t need to be dismissively labeled; we should be lauded for our courage in pointing out the dangerous and the unpopular.

    Why did no one in the press effectively ask for the copious footage of the ‘plane’ that hit the Pentagon? Why do you not care about General Marr’s five stand down orders? Why did Cheney take over our Air Defense? Why is it more important to know about someone selling papers at the Kennedy Museum? Why do you not care that the incriminating terrorist brief case was found in a car trunk AND also found stuck on an airport luggage carrier? Why do you accept that the people caught funding the terrorist ringleader ‘is of no consequence’? Ditto those with who profited financially from foreknowledge. Ditto those who were warned to not go to work that day. Ditto other uncontested pieces of foreknowledge at WTC, including the mayor and the owner of the WTC complex. Why is building 7 not a huge story? Why was the William Rodriguez story not included in the Commission Report? Why was his testimony taken behind close doors? Why were all of his corroborating witnesses ignored? Why is there no reporting on the damning public testimony of a high Cabinet official witnessing Cheney give stand down orders? Why did Senator Max Cleland resign The Commission? Etc., etc., The press accepted that a plane flew into an abandoned mine shaft near Shanksville, where there were no seats, blood, bodies, engines, black boxes ever recovered. (They did produce an Arab terrorist passport and bandana however). PS The entire box-cutter scenario is derived from a reported phone call from the neo-con wife of a top Bush administration lawyer to her husband. The call had an official duration of zero seconds.

    Tamara, I disagree with Chris’s undisciplined tone, but mostly because it is counterproductive. If I thought name calling would help clean up our system and find the real murderers, I would do it. We need not be nice to liars and mass murderers just because they wave a little flag whose color we like. But Tamara is not a murderer, and that ranting tone does not advance our search for justice.
    I do agree with Chris and others that this is a hit piece. Maybe it was unconsciously so, but it definitely adds to the Big Lie. Because it parroted ‘conventional wisdom’, perhaps Tamara was not conscious of the weight of this dimension (see, I do theorize). Quoting Jonathan Kay as a credible authority is not good journalism, however. More obviously, don’t you realize that ‘conspiracy theorist’ is much more demeaning than ‘nigger’? Aside from exaggerating the conspiracy side of the 9/11 movement and conflating us with the Kennedy theorists, what is the point of this article?

    I know we have to make a living, and this is the kind of pap that is much more likely to be picked up, but realize we look up to journalists as being people who are in a very privileged position, which implies greater civic responsibility. We need courageous journalists, and we react when yet another article comes out, supporting the myth and the ignorance it engenders. Ignorance of all the unofficial research and whistleblowing should not be a point of pride, especially for someone in your position. Please look into our questions. You can start with the questions I raised for the press in this article and the website on the placard in the article’s photos.

    This is basically what I said in the interview. i have also clarified my original request to not make this piece a frivolous piece of demeaning pop psychology. Thank you for letting me get it published, although a million times more people will get to read that even the conspiracy theorist hawking papers at the Kennedy Memorial thinks 9/11 Truth is absurd.

  23. That was long comment, but I still would like to add a point of evidence, as well as a point of logic.

    First, I think it is a disgrace that the press doesn’t take up the slack on the uncontested evidence that the government is even more disgracefully, and guiltily, sidestepping. The evidential point I neglected before is the sending of our interceptor jets out to sea instead of towards the targeted areas. That seems like a journalistic plum. Why only promotions and the occasional murders here (Maj Gen David Wherley), no reprimands, prosecutions, or investigations.

    Secondly, it seems like most people presume that every single point I stated above, as well as thousands more, must be well proven before we can even begin a real investigation, with teeth and subpoena powers (of course that is a catch-22 in itself). The entire subject need not be entertained if there is even one point they can question, and the questions can be very short on logic and educational backing . Actually, to too many of us, the question of the trendiness of questioning is a good question to excuse not questioning the official story.
    The hard core of 9/11 evidence includes many very strong points, many irrefutable, uncontested, and also reported briefly by the media. This may look like a motley patch, that doesn;t make a pretty and symmetrical story, but it reflects the uneven nature of truth, as far as it has been clearly revealed to this point. It doesn’t satisfy the conspiracy theorist inside the average person, and is thus easily rejected wholesale. Insistence on a totally complete and unassailable case is the sign of a very defective mind or just an excuse for cowardice in pressing for the truth, usualy both.

    PS This murder of our fellows is still a very important and relevant issue.
    The murder of our ability to think logically, as a society, is now well underway, but in this you are complicit.

  24. “Conspiracies can be a “security blanket” for explaining away the horrific, asserts Patrick Leman, a University of London professor who researches 9/11 theories.”
    The professor turns things around. It makes more sense to say that “the official conspiracy theory gives a security blanket for explaining away the horrific”. Now we blame some Arabs with a véry scary religion who have nothing to do with it. That would explain away any horrific truth.

  25. Hi Tamara, nice to have met you in at the North Texan’s 911 meeting. I think your article is decent for its theme and you certainly do not deserve to be picked on. I would like to see an article in mainstream sometime that specifically mentions evidence In New York, that NIST and other experts ignored, like the hightech military incidiary “thermate” the residue of which was found in Trade Center dust-lots of it….be nice to see all 14 points of proof for controlled demoliton by Architects and Engineers spotlighted in the media..the evidence of Pilots for 9/11 Truth…maybe the next them? All the best to you,

  26. After reading your article several more times, I think the the rough critics are missing something. You have given quotes fom both sides, which is common in journalism, whatever your personal beliefs. You have given prominence in the context to those who have taken time to investigate and study the critics of the official account-which is very good. The vast majority who take the time to do so, change there mind for a simple reason: The weight of the evidence is not in our government leader’s version. Some people I know, who accept the official account, have not spent even one hour researching the professionals challenging that account.

    Also, your title can be taken two first I was inclined to view it as “truth is out there or is it? ” as casting doubt on the truth to ever be known, but for your critics: it is obvious the “truth” as fed to everyone is spelled out in the official 9/11 Commision Report, predominates in the minds of many. Largely because they accept what has been told them. Forget conspiracy, could the facts ignored, missed be sloppy, rushed work..incompetance? Even on that basis there is enough credible evidence to warrant a new investigation into the collapses. You may be more clever than your critics..pehaps “the truth is out there or is it” is a challenge to the “truth” presented by our governments official version. It matters not the time and expense they took, if deception was predetermined, all that would only undescore the hidden motive in a “truthful” report that intended to obfuscate what really happened on 9/11 and why from the start-if that were the case.

    I think you deserve more credit for what you have done than some critics are giving you. Thanks, all the best to you.

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  28. Tamara deserved every bit of the lambastment she got for this propaganda rehash of talking points. You dont get judged based on your intentions, you get judged based on your actions. When she tries to make light of murders and deaths of the people of 9/11 by making the 9/11 truth movement seem like a silly childrens story, she deserves this and worse. I personally hope the next false flag attack that happens involves her family. Maybe then she’ll understand.

  29. You may think I went overboard, but look at this comment. This does not help our cause. In fact, this makes me wonder if this is a disinfo agent, or just a fool hurting his own movement. I don’t see the point in wishing anyone ill, or even getting so personal with the attacks and rebuttals. Don’t conflate my remarks with this approach. I just want to get my side out too, not rain hell on her. I guess I wouldn’t mind depriving her of your rhetorical kisses and licks too, but that is because I think we should demand more integrity from the media (politely). We are not going to charm them into line.
    Anyway I know some of us are set on kissing up to her and presumably anyone else in her position, and my words will have no effect on that phenomenon.

    Xanatos commented on The truth is out there – or is it?.

    in response to a comment by Tamara Lush:

    This is one of my favorite stories since starting the Sept. 11 anniversary assignment. It’s about people who don’t believe the government’s story of how 9/11 happened. The guys in the North Texans for 9/11 Truth group were especially helpful to me. One of the things that has surprised me while doing this assigment over […]

    Tamara deserved every bit of the lambastment she got for this propaganda rehash of talking points. You dont get judged based on your intentions, you get judged based on your actions. When she tries to make light of murders and deaths of the people of 9/11 by making the 9/11 truth movement seem like a silly childrens story, she deserves this and worse. I personally hope the next false flag attack that happens involves her family. Maybe then she’ll understand.

  30. ‘People’? Tens of millions the world over dont believe the official conspiracy theory. They are obviously better informed than you.
    With all due respect, only someone who has not looked at the facts of 9/11 could imagine explosives were not involved/

    let’s start with the North Tower:
    This 110 story building was hit 10-15 stories from the roof. The lightest part of any structure is the top which is why the Towers had tapered columns that got progressively thicker lower down. Its simply inconceivable that gravity alone could account for observed events and what remained. (*see images linked above) Those fires burned for only 56 & 102 min and there is nothing to burn in the core.

    Thousands of explosions leveled the towers Its clear in this clip of the North Tower Exploding

    Facts that reveal the use of explosives: the speed & symmetry in the destruction of wtc 1,2&7, the explosiveness of 1&2, WTC7’s 6 second implosion, disassembled superstructures and massive debris fields, 99 day underground fires, molten metal, 99 days underground fires with temps exceeding 2800f (as per Bechtel) in the weeks after 9/11, the squibs, pulverized concrete, 1100 missing bodies, (only 70 of 343 firefighters were recovered & 200 dna reports matched single person, people were blasted to bits. You really think gravity an account for that?) The iron microspheres, the results (molten steel) in the FEMA BPAT Appendix C ‘A Limited Metallurgical Examination” (online at

    MIST ignored appendix C results. and did not even test for explosives. That would have silenced everyone. When asked why? NIST answered. “It is a waste of time to look for something that isn’t there.” With logic like that who needs brains. And this despite the fact that the damage was such that fire regulations clearly called for (‘High Order Damage’) the testing of explosives and thermitic residues. They also ignored evidence of explosions from testimony (NYPD Officer Craig Bartmer for one and many others) and used some conjured up artificial threshold (a noise of a single blast of RDX required to break column 79 and that no one heard that blast!!!) as their criteria for doing so. Even though there were over 100 first responders in the Oral Histories alone who describe explosions, and witness testimony to explosions is also documented in the audio and video recorded that day.

    NIST also refused to release the parameters entered into their black box computer models in the WTC 7 report. This isnt how science is done!

    Why is there no mention of this peer-reviewed study in the NY Times or any other mainstream press publication? The results of it are clear. Hi-tech advance engineered explosives found in all samples tested. (hmm what a coincidence, the anthrax from the attacks of the same period also came from a US military establishment)

    Or the fact that over 1500 building professionals have signed on at to say the official story is impossible? There are no real journalists left. Maybe Gary Webb was the last one. Or they would not get hired today. Regardless, You dont need to be an architect or engineer to be 100% sure explosives were used.

    If you are working as a ‘journalist’ in America today and not raising hell about this issue then shame on you, -you are not true journalist.

    PLEASE Look at the facts and photos and videos from the day and you will come to the most obvious conclusion. It is very difficult to imagine such a thing could be true. I did not believe it myself until I really took the time to look carefully.

    What Ive mentioned above is just the start but they are central and easily verifiable facts that reveal the use of explosives . If you care about 9/11 Truth then please focus on these facts and Not the pentagon at all And NEVER mention ‘no planes’ anywhere -even the pentagon where it is obvious it is at the center of a disinfo campaign.
    Stick to easily verifiable facts. There are plenty to choose from.

  31. Albert I follow your logic and agree with your comments, especially about sticking to verifiable facts. You linked to one of my favorite AE911 clips as well.
    The Pentagon(only) no planes theory is actually something that has substantial weight, but only after viewing the excellent work of the CIT . The fact that there is no available footage of the Pentagon strike is beyond bizarre, and we should still press them on that. The disinfo about WTC planes seems to primarily serve the Pentagon cover-up.
    However it is not worth mentioning unless you can get them to view the clips. But that actually goes for all our info. It is just that the CIT stuff requires more viewing time as well as mental effort, which is a drawback, but does not diminish the validity of their info, as far as consideration by those of us who actually delve into this subject.

  32. The AP is part of the problem, unfortunately. Tamara is a nice lady, but her paycheck comes from an organization that depends on advertising revenue for their income. They are controlled by the PTB. There is no way in hell that she could have written a piece that reflected the reality of the situation. It just doesn’t work that way. You don’t get to be a reporter for AP, unless you have already been vetted. They know that Tamara knows how the game is played, and that she is willing to play along. In return she gets bylines and notoriety, a modicum of prestige, and a comfortable living.

    You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip and you can’t get an honest article about 911 from the Associated Press. It just doesn’t work that way.

  33. On the Pentagon, its worth checking out April Gallop (spelling may not be correct) and her lawsuit against Cheney, Bush, Rumsfield etal. Pilots for 911 Truth backed her up. She and her son were injured at the Pentagon. She crawled out the hole with her son and saw nothing to indicate a passenger jet of any kind, let alone a 757 made the hole! No seats, no luggage, no boddies, no aircraft parts-nothing was there to indicate that. Copies of the legal brief can be seen at P4911T, perhaps other links as to details.

  34. That was a good link Michael. Every person listed presents an interesting and disciplined reason for opposing the ‘Big Lie’ of our generation. I salute their bravery in doing so.

  35. Thanks, Hank. And absolutely they are well qualified Dr. Sabroskly is firm as a rock when the US Military and the American people get the full picture and realize they have been had-lookout. I often send people to this website for the officers expert opinions, but also they have links to most all the other 9/11 truth sites. -best to you Hank.

  36. Yes Rob, that seems like an accurate analysis of our current situation. Please consider other dimensions of this opportunity as well. I still am glad that we can point out the weaknesses of the article, and big media, in this public forum, and that we can insert a little of our well studied message in here too.

    PS Although the calls for accountability seem like they are having no major systemic effect, that can be said of our entire movement as well. However, I still think we should keep up our efforts to open minds to the truth and the facts in all venues, especially those with a higher profile. The power of the corruption in the media and the government is definitely something to understand, but beware of over-thinking about it in terms of bestowing a mantle of invulnerability on it, which can lead to paralysis. Contrary to my preferences, this is looking less like a sprint, and more like a marathon. Lemons from lemonade… I am learning to be a more credible communicator in this protracted period of general apathy. I know, we got a ways to go yet, on both counts, but we can hold the course despite mistakes and setbacks..

  37. More on the Tamara speculation.
    (Hah hah) Well she could have written what I wanted, but it would not have been widely published. And then she could look for a new line of work.

    Still we can nudge her, as well as her fellows, towards more awareness of this subject.

    If someone in her position wasn’t so alone, different dynamics could come into play. It is a catch -22 situation. One day we will be flavor of the day, This movement has too much truth and integrity on its side to be held down forever.

  38. Yes indeed MO911T members cannot be lightly dismissed. Yet, what we hang onto as “truth” can be peculiar. Captain Ralph Kolstad in interview on P4911T, mentions a fellow naval aviator flying in the Iraq/Afghan wars who buys the government line. If that belief is rocked loose, he has to face the fact he is risking his life for no reason-if 9/11 was a “false flag” black operation, it opens up a very large can of worms, his risk, thousands dead and for what? Ralph understood the pilots dilemma. Contrary to the profs position, conspiracies are not comforting. And the official account IS A CONSPIRACY TOO—DUH!, It is a matter of who were the real conspirators -19 Arabs, and “Al -cia-DA ” or was a more sophisticated operation and party responsible? I have seen more than a few people almost go to pieces when details such as AE911 presentation are made-yea, some “sweet comfort”. Truth often is more difficult to face, but far better, then to live and die for a lie. “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”–true on any level. Truth sets free.

  39. Ditto!…. major media bias -for whatever the motivation- is easily heavily wieghted toward the official government account and is very easy to see. The fact that no major media has done a substantive report showing WHY thousands of professional engineers, architects, scientists, pilots, firefirghters challenge the official account, the “free press” in America shows who it is really subservant to, and by default give credibility to the govts. account of 9/11 and by regular repetition of the their “official” account … everything else is “theory”, but they have the facts-and that does not hold up to the light of day when exposed.

    Of course, those souls in media who will challenge the status quo, more than likely, will be chewed up and spit out the bottom of the beast, to find other avenues to report truthfully on such things.

  40. Tamara, I’d like to know what you think of all these comments on your article; I do not see you anymore while everybody is very polite in telling their opinions and giving suggestions; thanks

  41. Hello, everyone.

    It’s taken me a while to post, in part because I’ve been traveling and writing. Also because I have needed to think about what I wanted to respond to all of you.

    Thank you for your comments. I really, truly appreciate them, even the critical ones. I am not going to share my feelings about 9/11 here — I’m a reporter and not an editorial writer. My opinions have no place here or in an article.

    I respect your thoughts and your posts on my blog, and I’m asking you to please respect my posts, as well. It is my hope that my blog can be a place for readers to comment on my stories and exchange ideas.

    I think it’s appropriate here to share a quote from The Buddha:

    “Don’t blindly believe what I say. Don’t believe me because others convince you of my words. Don’t believe everything you see, read or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Don’t rely on logic alone, nor speculation. Don’t infer or be deceived by appearances.

    Do not give up your authority and follow blindly the will of others. This way will only lead to delusion.

    Find out for yourself what is the truth, what is real. Discover that there are virtuous things and there are non-virtuous things. Once you have discovered for yourself, give up the bad and embrace the good.”

    • Great quote and that’s exactly what I do. That’s why I can call myself a buddhist. I rely on my own authority and have by now a clear view in this very practical matter about the truth, what really happened on that day and it was not virtuous. The virtuous thing is the wish of the people to know the truth and embrace the good. But I get the feeling that you use the quote as a smoke screen for that truth as if to say we can never know that truth, because all the critical comments are ‘following blindly the will of others’ and ‘we are deceived by appearences’, at least that is what you suggest. Furthermore a true reporter will go to any length to find that truth and thus interview the most critcal writers and scientist, the ones that make the most sense; if you do that your opinioin will change for sure though you do not have to share your private feelings, just report in the way the Buddha advises in this message; find your own truth, write it down without being deluded what the authorities say, and question their authority, using your own ‘common sense’. By quoting Buddha you seem to steer away from hundreds of facts that are not accounted for, just like Rumsfeld announced one day before 9/11 that ‘the pentagon could not account for 2,3 trillion dollars’. That alone raises BIG questions which are still not answered. I mean, show us the plane that hit the Pentagon, that would be easy IF it was a plane. Last thing, you remind me a bit of how Noam Chomsky waves away any question on 9/11, even by saying “who cares”. WHO CARES? So much for this highly revered authorative scientist. Well, enjoy your travel into this investigation and all the best, Martin

    • “I am not going to share my feelings about 9/11 here”

      I’m afraid in mouthing obvious propaganda and lies-“the official 9/11 story” not only do you lay out exactly how you feel about 9/11 but you also prove to be a failure as a “reporter”(and again I ask-Jonathan Kay? Really? That choice alone tells us how you really feel about 9/11). Harsh but unfortunately true. Hopefully you’ll reevaulate your support of such a monstrous lie at some point. Maybe after you make a lot of money writing fluff pieces for the AP you’ll finally admit to being wrong about 9/11.

  42. “I respect your thoughts and your posts on my blog, and I’m asking you to please respect my posts, as well. It is my hope that my blog can be a place for readers to comment on my stories and exchange ideas.”

    So your attacking our beliefs, yet asking us to respect yours.

    Your furthermore quoting Buddha in an attempt to make us question our own firmly researched and well established and proven position by suggesting we not believe everything we are told? Your calling us delusional through the mask of using a quote.

    That insults my intelligence. I am a 9/11 truther because I am skeptical, and do NOT believe everything I am told. I would appreciate it if you did NOT talk to me like I am a 5 year old who doesn’t know how to tell truth from lies.

    I despise you as a human being, you betray your own species by printing crap like this in an attempt to make light of the very serious murders that happened on 9/11.

    I speak for millions of others when I say this:

    We will not believe the lies
    We will not forget
    We will not give up

    • You caught that too huh? The condescending tone is typical of MSM hacks. Rather than answer a single question posed to her she just ducks it all and leaves us with a little dig in the form of a quote. Cute but still cowardly.

  43. Hi Tamara,

    I think thats a good quote, certainly good advice. Someone else once said, “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you; for everyone that asks receives and he that seeks finds, and to him that knocks it shall be opened.” …glad you are well.

  44. My core belief is that all belief is neurotic.
    This does not refer to the use of the word, ‘belief’, in a sentence such as,” I believe that the it has generally been hotter at the equator than at the poles.” In English, there are several definitions and flavors for the word ‘belief.’ I am referring to the meaning that refers to telling yourself that you really can know the answer to something you don’t actually understand. This is often associated with topics that are unknowable to any typical mortal. It is also associated with a strong desire to feel part of a consensus, often to the point of creating a compulsion to proselytize. “I believe Jesus will forgive me for my sins,” ” I refuse to believe he would do something like that,” are typical examples. Beware of misusing and relying too heavily on the tool of speculation, neither your own, nor the far more common hand-me-down variety. It is but one tool of the mind, and must be used judiciously. The Buddhist quote from Tamara mentions this as well.

    I don’t understand the use of that quote here. Is it a defense of some sort against the critical comments? It seems to be an admonishment to not be shallow and stupid, and then to ’embrace the good’. Brilliant and original! Who can argue with that? However, just because you posted it first doesn’t mean you are the prime practitioner of this deceptively simple directive. Beware you are not embracing the lies and misdirection of evil murderers. Unfortunately they often hold the purse strings, so this is by no means easy.

    Bottom line here, we don’t excuse you from responsibility for using the common tactic of remaining willfully ignorant, just because it is ever so popular right now. We are all about reversing this trend. You are in a pivotal position in pivotal times. The true significance of the 9/11 Truth movement is about strong and sobering evidence The official story is a wild conspiracy theory and blatant cover-up. It is perpetuated by the amoral corporate mainstream media, despite literal mountains of evidence that make it a farce. The beginning and the end of your article strongly implied the opposite, and the middle was vapid.

  45. …hmmm. I don’t know about beliefs themselves being neurotic, but I have encountered people with “neurotic beliefs”. Since Jesus was mentioned, “belief” in Him, from the greek in scripture implies, “adhere to, rely on, trust in”, something more than just “mental acknowledgement”. Certainly “belief” in our governments word-and at that, the word of a relative few “investigators” , ie, the 9/11 Commission, a few top traitors-oops, er top brass at the Pentagon…etc. Seems that one will “believe” in something. Faith and belief are close cousins. Someones who’s faith has been rocked by their leaders more easily believes the challenge to the official tale. Others who, in my opinion, have lived in a naive bubble, accept and have faith (belief-adherence and trust) in anything their leaders feed them. That’s dangerous and foolish in my opinion…fully agree Hank, that the overwhelming evidence is against the US leaders on 9/11…Beliefs right or wrong are hard to dislodge though, but eventually the truth will prevail, more specifically to those who want it.

  46. I did not see the direct connection-Jesus and Cheney. They are worlds apart. I love Mark Twain, truly a gifted man, writer, but he’s not God, therfore not infallable in all his conclusions, but he did have, I think some valid criticisms of “religion”. Jesus simple pointed to himself. Certainly from my experience, he does save any and all who trust him. I can think of numerous examples, but will acknowledge we live in a peculiar world, sometimes rain falls on the just as well as the unjust…

  47. ” I’m a reporter and not an editorial writer. My opinions have no place here or in an article.”
    Dear Tamara, like you say, you are a reporter. So without any opinion you could report on all of the anomalies of the official conspiracy theory. You could report all the questions that are still unanswered. In fact Richard Gage started out only asking questions in his presentation ‘blueprint for truth’ although still his opinion of thermate or thermite being used does not explain the underground heat that lasted for weeks. And without going to any of the ‘truthers’-websites and without using any of the information of the so-called conspiracy theorists, there is an abundance of documentation that would make a sincere reporter lick their fingers. Sorry if my English is not correct but I am Dutch, so…
    Wish you lots of good luck in finding the right attitude towards this crime of the century. The implications of it being an inside job might be huge but don’t let that scare you off…truth will prevail in the end anyway. Hugs, Martin

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