Puppy Love

I don’t have children, and at my age, probably won’t. I’m ok with that – I’ve always been lukewarm about the idea of children. My husband is also ok with not having kids. Our lives are happy and full. I do respect the incredibly difficult job parents have and am in awe of my friends who work and raise happy, healthy kids.

It’s not to say I don’t have a maternal instinct. I do, just not for babies. I love animals. Yes, I’m one of those people, always talking about my pets.

So this will be my one post about the pets. Indulge me here, people.

Earlier this year, our cat Cookie died. It was devastating. I knew I didn’t want to get another cat, and even the sight of little kittens at the pet store made me cry. Our house seemed empty. Marco, my husband, was sad, I was sad, and our other cat, Luna, seemed depressed too.

We have been talking about getting a dog for a few years. Then, when Cookie died, my husband and I decided we would adopt a dog later in the year, when I was finished with the Sept. 11 assignment. We began researching breeds and really liked the Tibetan Spaniel.

So we found a breeder and OF COURSE she had the perfect, cutest puppy available RIGHT THEN. On my recent trip to Vermont for the yoga vacation, I picked him up on my way home.

His name is Dino. He’s a loving, awesome little dog that is calm for 22 hours a day and a wild animal for the other two. We love him. Our house no longer seems empty.

For more information on the Tibetan Spaniel breed, go here.