After 9/11, Sikhs are targets of hate

Part of my job this summer is to explore the ways in which the U.S. has changed since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. For certain people, life has changed for the worse. Like for the Sikhs, who are often mistaken for Muslims because they wear turbans and long beards as symbols of their faith.

The Sikhs have nothing to do with anything. It’s a separate and distinct religion, one of peace. Yet people have been verbally harassed, beaten and even killed because ignorant people think they are terrorists.

Rana Singh Sodhi (pictured above) spoke to me at length from his restaurant in Mesa, Az. in June. His brother was killed five days after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Here’s the story.

And here’s a memorial to Rana’s brother, Balbir. The monument sits outside the gas station in Arizona where he was shot and killed.

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