Today in Florida Foreclosure News

I’ve written a number of foreclosure stories here in Florida over the years.  This one might top them all.

In 2009, Warren Nyerges of Naples bought a foreclosure, in cash. Then came the Kafakesque part.

About four months later, a process server knocked on their door and handed Warren Nyerges a notice of foreclosure.

“This is a big mistake,” he recalled saying. “You must have the wrong house. We bought a foreclosure and don’t have a mortgage.”

That started 18 months of frustrating phone calls, paperwork and court hearings. Whenever Nyerges called the bank, representatives told him to “come up to date” with his payments. When he called 25 different law firms, no attorney would take the case. When he went to court, the lawyers for the bank filed incorrect motions and were woefully unprepared for the hearings.

“It was mind boggling,” said Nyerges, a 46-year-old retired police officer. “To try to unscrew the screw up, it’s not as easy as it sounds.”

Story here.

And thanks to Kris and Necole Moore of Centralia, WA! They sent me a very nice comment about this story.

2 thoughts on “Today in Florida Foreclosure News

  1. This happened to me in 2004. After three years of hassles with our lender, Option One (a division of H&R Bloch), we cashed out a 401k and paid off the mortgage. No matter when we sent our payment, they held it until one day after the due date. Then we’d get a late fee. So we started to send payments thru certified mail. That’s when they called every single month to get proof of our homeowner’s insurance. So we paid the darned thing off and had a balance of some $1600 owed to us. Within 45 days we received a foreclosure notice – with just a two-week warning – that the house was going to auction. Option One acknowledged that we had a negative balance but still demanded payment. When asked why I was told “because.” After contacting our state’s banking commissioner, it was resolved immediately. But that was before everything tanked – now I don’t know if banking commissioners are even accessible let alone responsive.

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