Today marks the end of my first road trip for the Sept. 11 project I’m doing for the Associated Press. In these past two weeks, I visited places in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California. Met a lot of interesting people, did a lot of reporting and will spend the coming days writing.

But going home will be bittersweet. Of course I’m looking forward to seeing my husband, sleeping in my own bed and cooking food in a real kitchen. Yet I’m also dreading it: I am returning to a home without Cookie.

He’s my 17-year-old cat, the kitten I adopted in 1994 during my first newspaper job. Here’s a photo I took just a few weeks ago of him and our other kitty.

Cookie got really sick while I was on this trip. Too sick for me to return in time to say goodbye. My husband and I decided that it was best to put Cookie to sleep and not make him suffer any longer. It was the most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make, and it’s not how I wanted things to end.

I am heartbroken.

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  1. You wrote or re-wrote a story on that Bin Laden Property on Johns Lake in FL… Could you tell me where or how to find that Realtor Autunm Norris-Makin? I’ve been lookin’ for her everywhere since I saw the story, I want to buy the property & can’t find her… Tell her to e-mail or call me, for I’m a BUYER !!! If you have her contact info? Thanks, John

  2. Hi John,
    Thank you for reading the story and my blog. Autumn’s office number in Florida is 352-394-5900. Take care and good luck with the house!

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